Freescale Demoes Quad-Core i.MX 6 Series Processor

Desktop CPUs are great, sure, but they only get you so far. With handheld computing on the rise, companies like Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Freescale have plenty of reasons to celebrate. This week, the last amongst those showcased their scalable i.MX 6 quad-core ARM-based apps processor.

It's built on ARM's Cortex A9, and it's targeting the tablet, eReader, automotive infotainment and other smart mobile device spaces. The i.MX 6 series is comprised of the single-core i.MX 6Solo, dual-core i.MX 6Dual and quad-core i.MX 6Quad processor families. Product capabilities include dual-stream 1080p H.264 video processing for 3D class video decoding, Freescale’s triple play graphics architecture consisting of console-style 3D graphics with 200MT/s, separate 2D BLT engine for UI acceleration and separate 3D OpenVG engine for vector-based graphics.   

The deal here is that the company's actually showcasing it; this thing has been kicking around in some form or another for awhile now, but it looks like we'll soon see it hitting up our gadgets in the not too distant future.