Foxconn Leak Suggests iPhone 6S With 12MP Camera, 2GB RAM, Pink Option

A couple of new supply chain rumors are floating around that revolve around the next Apple Watch, and also the iteration to the iPhone 6. On the watch front, it seems Apple is most concerned this go around with improving battery-life more than it is about increasing performance or the screen resolution. Given the sub-24-hour battery life on the Apple Watch, this is probably the right route to take.

In order to fit a bigger battery in, the internals of the watch must be thinned out even more. If we do end up seeing better battery life on the next Apple Watch, even if it means we're seeing the same specs overall, it'd be quite a feat. Also worth noting is that Apple has supposedly decided to source OLED screens from both Samsung and LG that are designed to work better in bright sunlight. This would fix an issue with the sapphire-faced Watch and Edition, and match the Sport which uses a glass face.

iPhone 6

On the iPhone front, it seems as though the 6S could be treated to a new 12 megapixel camera -- up from 8 megapixel. This rear camera, as well as the front, could be manipulated with the phone's new Force Touch feature.

For those wanting their iPhone in a lighter hue, Apple is supposedly going to be offering a pink 6S model. Originally, the company planned for Rose Gold, but decided on pink instead, with a white front.

One of the most notable updates to the next iPhone is the fact that it will be equipped with 2GB of RAM. With some Android devices on the market with 4GB of RAM, it will be nice to see that 1GB barrier finally breached by Apple. The iPhone has been saddled with 1GB of RAM since the iPhone 5's introduction in late 2012.

Overall, some great updates lie ahead. As both the next Apple Watch and iPhone 6S are likely still far from release, we're sure this won't be the end of either one's rumors.