Fox News Allegedly Rips Off BioShock Logo Artwork

The topic of immigration in the US is a hot one at the moment, with people on either side of the fence (no pun) vehemently arguing their beliefs. Clearly, this isn't a topic appropriate for a site like HotHardware, but leave it to none other than Fox News for giving us something to glean from it all.

In a recent broadcast of Fox & Friends, a logo emblazoned with the words "Defending the Homeland" can be seen on a display in the background, as well as on the ticker at the bottom of the screen. It's not at all uncommon for news networks to create logos for big reports, but it's not typical to see one that looks remarkably similar to a video game title.

Does it look familiar?

How about now?

"Who needs congress?" should really ask, "Who needs a new graphic designer?" - I at least know the answer to the latter. Fox's logo has the same curves around the badge as BioShock's, the same red text in the primary word with gold trim, and stars filling up some of the free space. If only we were able to zoom into Fox's logo, we might be able to see even more similarities.

It seems clear, at least to me, that whoever designed Fox's logo was heavily inspired by Irrational Games' classic title.

What do you guys think? It'd be interesting to see if Fox came out to admit guilt or even acknowledge the logo, but I'd recommend not holding your breath for that one.

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