Foursquare Update for iOS and Android Enables You To Check-in ‘Here with Friends’

Foursquare released an update for its iOS and Android apps that enables one of the company's most requested features—the ability to check your friends into places when you're out together. Last year, the company launched a feature known as mentions which gives users the ability to tag or mention friends in a post. Since the launch, Foursquare has noticed over 90% of the mentions include someone else.

When using Foursquare, you can now tap the "I'm with…" button to add your friends while checking into a location. Your friends will receive a notification asking for permission to check them into a location. Once your friends approve your request, you'll be able to check them in to locations in the future without further approval.

Each time your friend checks you in, you'll receive a notification. If you don’t want to be checked in to a particular location, a delete button can remove the check in. Using the app, you can also limit which of your friends are able to perform check ins on your behalf.

In the event that you and your friend are racing to the phone to check in and he beats you to it, your post will be the only one that appears.