Fortnite Winterfest Is Coming, Here's All You Need To Know For Now

hero winterfest leak
It is that time of the year to start celebrating the holidays, and Epic Games should be getting into the spirit soon with its annual Fortnite Winterfest. Last year, Winterfest began on December 18th, and we are just six days out from then. And of course, some leaks and information have started to crop up already, so let’s dive into what we know so far about Winterfest 2020.

Our first big leak comes from Twitter users @HYPEX and @Mang0e, who found a Christmas teaser trailer via a Russian Fortnite streamer. It shows the possibility of planes returning to the game and brand-new skins. Even though the quality isn’t the best, in the background is what looks like a candy cane cowboy or just an old-time walking candy cane skin. Take a look for yourself and see what you can make out.
Last year Epic Games gave some free skins and other goodies to players during Winterfest, and perhaps these are two skins we could get this year. The other armed and dangerous snowman skin in the trailer is one we saw in an earlier leak on Twitter from @ShiinaBR, but at the time, not much was known or could be corroborated. Now that we see the skin in Winterfest art, ShiinaBR’s belief that the skin may be a free one in Winterfest is becoming more possible.
Besides this information, there is likely more news to come about Winterfest in the following days. As @HYPEX believes, we could see the Winterfest trailer release sometime this or next week in fact. As the celebration event is expected around the 18th of this month, players should start keeping an ear to the ground for strategies and tips. When the event finally launches, of course keep an eye on HotHardware for our coverage on new skins and gifts that Epic Games will be sending out, along with any inside info we can dig up.