Fortnite Surges To Top Spot On iOS App Store Despite Being Invite-Only

Fortnite on iOS

If the idea of playing a battle royale shooter on your mobile device sounds appealing, then you should know that Fortnite is available on iOS. Unfortunately, it is an invite-only affair at the moment, with Epic Games having sent out a batch of invitations last night. Even so, Fortnite is proving immensely popular on iPhone and iPad devices—it's already the top most downloaded iPhone game in the US.

That's according to Sensor Tower, an app tracking firm that shared its data with GamesBeat, a division of VentureBeat. According to that data, Fortnite is only the most popular iPhone game in the US right now, it is also the second most downloaded app across all categories. The game is faring well in other regions as well, taking the No. 3 spot overall in Canada and No. 5 spot in Great Britain.

Assuming Sensor Tower's data is accurate, or even remotely on the mark, these are some impressive stats for a game that can only be downloaded and played by invitation. It also shows that gamers at large have little reservation about playing a multiplayer shooter on their phones and tablets, or are at least willing to give it a shot.

Fortnite on iOS offers up the full battle royale experience. It features the same gameplay with the same map and weekly updates. All that is really different is that it requires tapping on a touchscreen rather than using a mouse and keyboard, or a dedicated gamepad. You can see some of that in action in the embedded trailer above.

Epic Games is being careful about its roll out on mobile. The invite system is to ensure that its servers are not overwhelmed, apparently a valid concern in light of the aforementioned stats. If you are interested, you can join a wait list. Epic Games says new invites will be sent out as the servers can handle more players. It also hasn't forgotten about Android users—there will be a version for Android in the next few months.