Fortnite's Primal-Themed Season 6 Drops With Lara Croft, Neymar And Much More

fortnite season 6 chapter 2 biome

Today officially kicks off Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2. The new season picks off right after the explosive conclusion of Season 5. Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2 features a new biome, weapons, and crafting abilities that encourage players to "run wild." 

Here is where we are in the current Fortnite storyline -- Agent Jones and The Foundation were able to seal the “Zero Point” in a stone tower. However, the Zero Point sent a “mysterious pulse” throughout the Island as it was being contained. This pulse eliminated all signs of technology and reality has subsequently collapsed.

Players will initially be greeted by a new mission dubbed “Zero Crisis Finale” after downloading the latest patch for the game. They will be tasked with aiding Agent Jones in saving reality. The mission is overall about ten minutes in length.

The latest season has introduced a new “primal” biome that is “untouched by modern technology.” The site of the explosion now features a towering spire that is accompanied by a village. Players who venture into the biome will find various locations like the “Colossal Crops” and “Boney Burbs." There are also several unlabeled landmarks and “Guardian spires protected by mysterious forces” on the edge of the biome. These locations will likely feature Challenges as the season progresses.

The new biome includes wildlife such as chickens, boars, and wolves. The wildlife can either be hunted or tamed and their loot provides supplies needed to craft the season’s new weapons. Players will be able to create a variety of weapons such as the new Primal Rifle, the Revolver, and the Flame and Metal Bow. Revolvers, as well as Pump Shotguns, are weapons that have been unvaulted this season.

Players will want to keep an eye out for “Bunker Chests” during their explorations. These Bunker Chests will contain “powerful weapons that can range from rare to legendary.” The game will introduce new weapons and upgrades later in the season, such as new “chonkers.”

Like its predecessors, Season 6 contains its fair share of crossovers. The Season 6 pass includes skins for Lara Croft and Rebirth Raven, from DC's Teen Titans. Brazilian soccer star Neymar, Jr. will be unlocked at a later time.