Fortnite Patch Brings Epic Balance Changes, Faster Movement And Much More

fortnite dec 2023 update hero
Gamers can look forward to several quality-of-life tweaks to Fortnite’s various game modes. Battle Royale, Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and LEGO Fortnite will all be seeing improvements in several areas with the latest patch. This will be the final update that is scheduled for this year, with the next set of changes already under development for release in early 2024.

One of the most noticeable changes in store for Battle Royale players will be the movement speed while crouching or running. One of the bigger talking points in the Fortnite community has been how much slower it feels to move around, even leading to some speculation it was done to prepare for a first-person mode. Other welcome changes including the brightening of areas during nighttime, and making it easier to determine how close the storm is.

LEGO Fortnite will be getting a little less frustrating with this update, too. A bug that leads to the loss of all of a player’s items when transitioning from 'aboveground' and 'belowground' is now fixed. This one is a key fix for players who are spending time in this game mode because it’s incredibly disheartening to lose everything after spending a substantial amount of time collecting items you need.

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Long wait times to jump into a race will hopefully be a thing of the past for players who are high in the rankings in Rocket Racing. This update directly addresses the issues for this set of players, although Epic does mention it will be keeping an eye on this and making more changes if necessary. Collisions between racers will also be less punishing, and won’t mean instantly ending the hopes of a player winning a race.

Fortnite Festival is getting some bug fixes in this update. A player’s song library should no longer be missing after suspending Fortnite on their device and leaderboards will also be more accurate from here on out. However, the ability to restart a song is disabled for now while Epic fixes an error that causes the game to become unresponsive while using this feature.

Epic is keen on keeping the momentum Fortnite is getting from all the new game modes. Implementing these updates should go a long way to keeping the player base happy as they log more game time during the holidays.
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