Fortnite Goes High Stakes With Getaway LTM And Wicked Cool Grappler Gun

One of the reasons that Fortnite is the most popular game out there right now is all the work that Epic Games puts in to keep the game fresh. It seems like there is always a new mode, a new event, or new weapons for fans to check out. The latest change to the game is a new High Stakes challenge that will take place soon along with a new mode called Getaway. In Getaway mode players will team up with a squad of three other players to steal a jewel hidden on the map.

fortnite high stakes run

That jewel is inside a safe that players will have to crack to acquire the jewel. A rival squad is bent on taking the same jewel and players will fight it out in something akin to capture the flag mode to eek out the win. The mission is over when one of the team makes it to their getaway van. To win the round, your squad must get four jewels to the van.

fortnite high stakes costum

Along with the new High Stakes challenge and getaway mode, players also have a new tool to use. It's not a weapon for taking out your enemy, but a tool to reach higher ground faster called the Grappler. It's a grappler gun of the likes you have seen in other games before. A new costume that clads players in a white business suit is offered along with four new masks in white with either a diamond, spade, club, or heart from a deck of cards on them that help to tell your similarly outfitted squad from one another. A new Cuffed Case Back Bling will land along with a Safecracker Glider. That glider is the image with all the stuff sitting on what looks like a wooden door. Word is that these items will sell for 500 to 1500 V-Bucks.

fortnite high stakes glider

Lots has been going on in Fortnite in the last few weeks. Epic decided to encourage players of the game to enable two-factor authentication by wooing them with a new dance move to enable the security measure. Epic has also promised support for mouse and keyboard matchmaking to keep things fair for gamepad players who see the mouse and keyboard control method as an edge in play.