Where To Find Fortnite Literature Samples In Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, And Retail Row

fortnite collect literature season 6 week 2 challenge news
Perhaps Epic Games made a slight mistake, or the release date has changed, but the Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 challenges are live two days earlier than normal. Players can get out and complete these challenges to gain a healthy 24,000 XP for their accounts.

Of the new challenges, perhaps the easiest is collecting literature samples from Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, or Retail Row. Players only need to collect four of the five scattered between the three locations to complete the challenge. Below, you will find a map with stars that mark the rough place you can find book or magazine shelves to interact with to collect the literature.

fortnite collect literature season 6 week 2 challenge map news

It is quite possible that these challenges are not meant to be live yet, so you may have a bit of trouble tracking down each shelf. If you cannot seem to find the literature, try logging out and back into Fortnite, and it should then work. If not, give it a whirl again on Thursday.

Overall, even if it means battling some glitches and other players, collecting some Fortnite reading material to get 24k XP is totally worth it. If you do end up getting a chance to collect literature, let us know how it goes in the comments below.