Form 1+ 3D Printer Aims For The High End And Promises Speedier Prints, To Boot

The 3D printing market is a growing yet nebulous one, populated by a many different types of printers of varying quality. There are lots of players already, but it’s still a wide open market as each manufacturer looks to find that special sauce that entices the most users.

Formlabs is updating its offering, the Form1, a 3D printer that uses laser stereolithography technology. Now you can get the Form 1+, and Formlabs says that among the upgrades is up to 50% faster performance.

Formlabs Form 1+ 3D printer

The Form 1+ also features a higher-power second-gen laser; greater precision and accuracy thanks to a new galvanometer; a new resin tank for better print consistency; and overall more durable mechanical components. New software and manual controls are in the offing, too.

Formlabs promises that the Form 1+ requires no calibration and offers one-button operation, and it can print up to 300 microns with 25-micron layer thickness with a build volume of 125x125x165 mm.

All that high-end tech doesn’t come cheap; the Form 1+ will run you $3,299.