Forget CSI, New Facebook Update Will Auto Enhance Your Photos

Having trouble taking good looking photos with your smartphone or tablet? So do a lot of people, though that hasn't stopped the majority from posting their snapshots to Facebook anyway. Ah, but don't be surprised if the quality of pictures on the world's largest social playground starts to improve. Why? Apparently Facebook has decided to do its users a solid by auto-enhancing newly updated pictures.

The social networking site told TechCrunch that this new feature has already begun, though currently it only applies to users who upload photos from an iOS device -- Android support is coming soon. For those who are seeing the new feature, they're presented with an adjustable slider that allows them to crank up or down the level of light, shadow, and clarity adjustments, or simply revert back to the original image.

Facebook Photos

Sound familiar? If so, then you're a Google+ user. Google rolled out the same feature on its own social network about a year ago. Photography has been one of the main focuses of Google+, and it's nice to see Facebook following suit in this instance.

Of course, not everyone will appreciate having their photos adjusted, especially if they've gone through efforts to ensure that their shots come out looking as intended to begin with. No worries there -- it's simple enough to disable the auto-enhancement feature. You'll find this function in the app's settings under Videos and Photos.