#FollowMe Allows Avid Twitter Users To See Their Own Highlight Reel

Twitter is evolving quickly. Very quickly. Lately, it has been integrating things like Vine videos, and adding in-line Promoted Posts to make ends meet. And now, it's challenging users to take an archived look at their Twitter history via a beautiful new visualization. #FollowMe is a platform launched in concert with Vizify, enabling users to circle up their photos, Vine videos, and Tweets -- toss them together, and you get a personal Twitter highlight reel.

To get started, sign in to Vizify, which will ask you to authorize Vizify to access your Twitter account. Once Vizify has made your video, you can change the music or choose different elements (photos, Vine videos, Tweets). Check “Add to my Twitter bio” so everyone can enjoy it. Anytime you want to create a new one, refresh to see a new video.

What's that? Oh, just your ego puffing up.