Flybrix Helps Kids Build Programmable LEGO Drones That Are ‘Crash Friendly’

Children are the future. Drones are the future. Apparently, kid-controlled drones are also the future, which is why Flybrix has released a programmable LEGO drone for young adventurers.

There are currently two available kits: the basic ($189) and deluxe ($249). The basic kit works with an app, while the deluxe kit includes a handheld controller. The handheld controller can also be purchased separately for $80.

lego drone

Both kits include 56 pre-used LEGO pieces from LEGO wholesalers. This keeps the LEGO from the landfills and also lowers the overall price of the kits. The packages also include a pre-programmed circuit board with LED lights, motors, propellers, and a mini pilot figurine. Parts of the circuit board, motors and propellers are the only aspects of this project not composed of LEGO’s.

All the pieces snap together and could be used with other LEGO kits. There are no additional required materials or soldering skills needed. The kits also include templates for a quadcopter, hexacopter or an octocopter. There are instructions as well on how to program the circuit board and the LED lights.

The drones are controlled either through Bluetooth or the handheld controller and can fly for roughly five to seven minutes on a single charge.

Flybrix is a San Francisco-based company. Co-founders Amir Hirsch, Robb Walters, and Holly Kasun launched the startup in 2015 in order to create new microdrones. They turned to LEGO because they are strong yet lightweight. Hirsch, Walters, and Kasun were using LEGO in their tests and prototypes, and therefore knew they were a viable option.

Kasun adds, “Kids figure out how to build the drone, wire it and get it up in the air. This involves applying basic physics, aerodynamics, geometry and math...We want Flybrix drones to offer a sandbox-style of learning.You start with the basics and keep advancing your knowledge as you play and interact with it.”
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