FLO TV Personal Television Brings Mobile TV To Dedicated Screen

We got a glimpse at FLO TV's future plans at a CES pre-show event in June, and now everything's really coming into focus. FLO TV provides mobile television services for US carriers--you may have heard of it if you have an AT&T smartphone or Sprint TV. But generally speaking, adoption on mobile TV on cellphones has lagged behind in the US, while it's more openly accepted in international destinations.

In order to bolster interest in its programming services, the company has now launched a dedicated FLO TV Personal Television that does exactly what you'd think it would. It's a portable TV that tunes into FLO TV programming regardless of where you are in America. Having TV on your person at all times still seems a bit different here in America, but we think it has a fighting chance to take off.

The device itself is small and light--just 5oz. and 4.4" x 3" x 0.5" in size. It has a 3.5" touch-screen and a built-in battery good for watching 5 hours of television or standing by for over 300 hours. If you want to change the channel, you simply swipe your finger on the screen. It also includes an integrated stand for sitting it on your desk and watching some TV on company time, built-in stereo speakers and even a reminder service to catch your favorite shows.

It'll be available soon for $249.99, but you'll have to pay at least $8.99 per month for the TV service. Speaking of which, the service is detailed below.

About FLO TV Personal Television
FLO TV Personal Television subscription service starts as low as the equivalent of $8.99 per month* and the device will be offered at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $249.99.  The device has a 3.5-inch diagonal screen and measures 4.4 inches by 3 inches by .5 inches and weighs just over 5 ounces.  Its battery supports more than 5 hours of active FLO TV viewing or 300 hours standby.  The FLO TV Personal Television utilizes a capacitive touch-screen for easy and comfortable navigation – users can channel surf with just a swipe of their finger.  It also includes several features meant to enhance the TV experience, including a built-in stand allowing the device to be positioned upright on any flat surface, built-in stereo speakers making it easy to watch TV with others, and the ability for users to set reminders for their favorite programming.

About the FLO TV Service
Market research firm TeleAnalytics projects that the broadcast mobile TV market will reach $2.8 billion and serve 50 million users in North American by 2013.  FLO TV is poised for this market opportunity with its high-quality mobile TV service that allows subscribers to watch TV on-the-go.  Whether you’re commuting, waiting for your child to finish practice, or you are just an on-the-go active person, as a FLO TV subscriber you’ll have immediate access to news, sports and entertainment content at your fingertips wherever you go.

From live sports and news to full-length dramas, comedies, children’s programming and original FLO TV programming, the FLO TV service has something everyone can enjoy.  It carries full–length simulcast and time–shifted programming from America’s top entertainment brands.  

The FLO TV service programming line-up may differ depending on distribution platform. Service not available everywhere.  All programming subject to change and blackout restrictions.

*Taxes not included.  Additional fees and charges may apply.  Pricing and service subject to change at any time.  Prepaid subscription required for 1 year / 3 year plans.  3-year prepaid subscription required for $8.99 / mo. package.  After the expiration of the original prepaid subscription, your subscription will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged at the then-current rate.  Special introductory offers and waived activation fee expire 12/31/09.  All prepaid annual and monthly subscription payments are non-refundable.