Flix On Stix Brings Movies To USB Drives Via Rental Kiosk

Is Redbox working well for you? We suspect it is for most, as sales have been fairly high so far, and the popularity of the kiosks has risen significantly in the past year. They're popping up everywhere, and they're probably destined to be around for quite some time. But what if there were an alternative to Redbox? Would you listen?

AVT Inc. has a concept, and that concept is called Flix on Stix. It's a pretty simple concept, but it remains to be seen how it'll all pan out. In two to three months, these kiosks should start popping up from place to place, with exact locations to be seen. The kiosk works a lot like a Redbox, but it allows customers to select TV shows and games as well as movies. But there aren't any discs in here, except for an array of hard disc drives. The media stored in these boxes is digital, and you'll either need to bring along your USB stick or purchase one from the box.

USB 3.0 transfers are supported, which is great considering just how large some of these files can be. There's no talk of exactly how large files will end up being or how they expect people to deal with the wait, but the video below shows a lady playing a game of virtual poker while waiting for the file to move from the kiosk to the USB drive. Both rentals and purchases look to be available, with pricing rather competitive ($1 for a 3-day movie rental to start). Would you be interested in trying it out? Or does this all feel too complicated?