Flight Simulator X - Triple Monitor Lovin'

Hey folks, JeffB dropping in for a spell to share a little triple monitor gaming with ya!  This is a bit of a personal triumph getting this set up to work with Vista and NVIDIA's current drivers.  Two 20" monitors are driven by a GeForce 8800GTX and the third by a GeForce 7600GT.  It's hard to get these two cards to play nice on the same system and the 7600GT is holding me back from DX10, but still, it looks pretty sweet.  Average FPS is around 12 and the flight is generally fluid unless I pull a fast bank.  There's room for improvement, like another 8800GTX and this puppy, but overall, it's surprisingly playable.  The only major drawback with my current setup it there's nothing to shoot! Now if I can only remember where I put my Dramamine!

If anyone knows of any other modern games that support multi-monitor, shoot me an e-mail! I'd be especially interested in first person shooters.  Man, Prey with three monitors would be sweet.