Flickr Follows Instagram's Lead, Adds Filters to Photos

Instagram scored a $1 billion bid from Facebook simply by popularizing the practice of tarnishing an otherwise well taken photo with funky filters, and now Flickr is getting in on the fun. Maybe Yahoo's hoping Google will fork over a similar buyout offer for its photo sharing division? More likely, Yahoo's just giving users what they want, which is an ability to post retro looking snapshots.

The newly updated Flickr app adds "16 unique camera filters," including Original (not really a filter), Panda, Mammoth, Ocelot, Chameleon, Wallaby, Iguana, Aardvark, Narwhal, Salamander, Flamingo, Toucan, Orca, Peacock, Chinchilla, and Orangutan.

Lady Morgan
Lady Morgan caught sleeping with Flickr's Narwhal filter.

Also available in the updated app is a simple sign-up and/or registration process, full Groups capabilities, and the ability to explore photos from around the world and nearby.

The social photography space has grown a bit contentions lately. Twitter also recently added filters after Instgram pulled the the ability to share and view its photos in Tweets.