Flawed Malwarebytes Update Knocks Users Offline Flagging All Traffic As Malicious, Here's The Fix

malwarebytes 2

Companies like Malwarebytes constantly need to keep up on top of the latest security threats, and roll out related updates as quickly as possible. But sometimes, those updates might come in a little too hot and heavy, and Malwarebytes is finding that out the hard way.

If you're a Malwarebytes user, you may already know what we're talking about: an update pushed out this weekend immediately started causing issues for a good portion of its userbase. RAM usage, in particular, became affected immediately, with some finding just 10% or less of their resources available due to the digital glutton lurking in the background.


As bad as that sounds, it's actually the least offensive thing to happen here. In response to the original issue, Malwarebytes released another patch that didn't seem to help much at all, and in fact, made the situation worse for some customers. In many cases, folks are finding themselves blocked completely from accessing the internet.

On the Malwarebytes forum, many suggestions are offered. If you're without internet, you need to disable web protection inside of the app, which should hopefully resolve the issue. If you find yourself at a complete standstill, it might be best to uninstall the entire application, reboot, and then install it again from scratch -- assuming you looked over all of the steps at the aforementioned thread. 

While this is clearly an inconvenience for many, Malwarebytes has prided itself on delivering reliable updates, noting that it's pushed 20,000 successful ones through in the past. It's unfortunate all-around, but at least Malwarebytes is no taking steps to resolve its software issues.

(Top Image Courtesy: QSO4YOU)