Fitbit Adds Sync Support With Galaxy S 4, More Phones Coming Soon

Some would argue that the modern day cellular phone killed the watch. After all, who needs a wristwatch when you can just glance at the time on a display that never leaves your side? But on the other side of the equation, the phone revolution has seemingly jump-started fitness. While a certain segment of the population has been (and will always be) addicted to staying in shape, the mobile phone has pulled a lot of people into that circle who would've never otherwise considered it. Turns out, using a device that's highly intelligent and always with you is a pretty good way to get people to exercise, particularly when you offer them endless statistics to help prove that they're actually making a difference in their body, even if they can't see it day-to-day.

To that end, Fitbit has gained a huge amount of popularity as the fitness + mobile trend has gained traction. And now, one of the world's most popular Android phones (Samsung's Galaxy S 4) syncs with Fitbit. The company is working hard to expand compatibility thoughout the Bluetooth 4.0 universe, so more phones should be supported in the coming weeks and months.

So, what about you? Has the revolution in mobile sparked a fitness mindset in your home?