First BD / DVD Hybrid Title to Ship in Japan

We know that most of you buy both DVD and Blu-ray versions of your optical disc titles (insert sarcasm here). But while JVC developed a combo DVD / Blu-ray format more than two years ago, no titles have been released for it. That's soon to end, with the announcement that Japanese entertainment software developer Pony/Canon will release the first movie title on a hybrid Blu-ray/DVD disc, where else, in Japan in February.

According to CDR-Info, it's a move designed to accelerate adoption of Blu-ray. The first title is the world-famous "Code Blue emergency helicopter doctor Blu-ray BOX."

Typical of a boxed set, it won't be cheap. The 4-disc 534-minute hybrid version will cost 36,540 Yen ($406), while the 7-disc DVD version will cost 23,940 Yen ($266).

The hybrid disc works as follows: the Blu-ray and DVD sections are separated by a film that reflects blue light while it allows the red light to pass through the DVD layer underneath.

The disc itself was produced by Kyodo Television and Infiniti Storage Media. Infiniti Storage Media claims 99% compatibility with existing BD and DVD players.
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