Firefox Send Exits Beta: Free, Encrypted, Self-Destructing File Transfers

firefox send
Firefox Send, a file transfer service that Mozilla first introduced in beta form back in 2017, is now fully available for the public to try out. Mozilla has repositioned Firefox as an alternative browser with a heavy focus and security and privacy, and Firefox Send is an extension of this philosophy.

With Firefox Send, you can head over to and transfer files up to 1TB in size to another person. You can use any browser -- not just Firefox -- to initiate the transfer. This is done completely free of charge, and there are no strings attached. In addition, Firefox Send uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that your data is safe. 

Wisely, Mozilla is providing granular controls for how your data is shared (and for how long). You can set a time limit for when a link to the files expires, add a password, or set a limit for how many times the files can be downloaded. 

As for the recipient of a file that you send, things are easy as pie for them as well. "They simply receive a link to click and download the file. They don’t need to have a Firefox account to access your file," Mozilla writes. "Overall, this makes the sharing experience seamless for both parties, and as quick as sending an email."

While anyone can send files up to 1TB in size, Mozilla is also offering the option to send files as large as 2.5TB. However, in order to do so, you will need to sign up for a Firefox account, which of course is free of charge.

While Firefox Send is currently available only via a web browser, Mozilla says that it will make an Android app available (in beta form) later this week.