Firefox Home Now Available for iPhone

Good news for iPhone and iPod Touch users who are fans of Mozilla's Firefox browser. In a blog post this week, Mozilla announced that its Firefox Home application is now available for download for both platforms. The free app gives iPhone and iPod Touch owners the ability to access their Firefox desktop history, bookmarks, and open tabs from their mobile device.

"Get up and go and have exactly what you are looking for on the Web on your iPhone or iPod Touch," Mozilla wrote in its blog. "Firefox Home uses your browser data, securely synced from Firefox on your desktop to the cloud, to let you search and browse quickly and efficiently."

Users interested in giving Firefox Home a spin are just a few simple steps away from doing so. All you have to do is install Firefox Sync to your desktop, if you haven't already, and restart Firefox to create an account. Then go the App Store and grab Firefox Home for your iPhone or iPod Touch, install it, and launch it. Once you enter in your account credentials, everything gets synced.