Firefox 89 Brings A Massive Redesign To Help You Focus On What's Important

firefox 89 brings a massive redesign to help you focus on whats important
Web browsers are a window into the internet, and they need to blend in and be easy to use for the best experience. Mozilla Firefox took this to heart as overnight, Firefox 89 rolled out, bringing a fresh redesign and more privacy protections for all users.

The major thing that both new and old Firefox users will notice in Firefox 89 is the clean-looking redesign across all versions. It brings new iconography, typography, and more to look quite distinct from prior versions. M.J. Kelly of Firefox explained that this new update is easier on the eyes and more streamlined than ever before. The toolbar and other menus within Firefox have also been decluttered and consolidated to make it easier to “get to the good stuff effortlessly.”

All these changes, which you can explore right now or see in the video above, are based on much research, with the Mozilla product design team going over every detail. The goal was to have a calming design that users would not notice because it does its job well. However, this takes “extensive planning, thought and intent,” while utilizing user research to guide choices along the way.

laptop firefox 89 brings a massive redesign to help you focus on whats important

Besides the design overhaul, Firefox 89 also expands on the existing library of privacy protections. Users have come to expect a certain level of protection when browsing with Firefox, and that should not change when in private mode. Now, “Total Cookie Protection” is changing from an optional strict setting to always-on when in private browsing, making Firefox have the self-proclaimed “best private browsing mode out there.”

It is not often browser redesigns come along, yet Firefox has knocked it out of the park. Down to the changes in font, the new sleek design breathes new life into Firefox and brings it into the modern era of browsing. Moreover, privacy enhancements are always appreciated in an age where many companies have prying eyes. Perhaps we will see more exciting things from Firefox this year, so stay tuned to HotHardware for updates, and let us know what you think of this redesign in the comments below.