Finland Makes Broadband Access a Legal Right

Finland's Ministry of Transport and Communications has made 1 mbps broadband access a legal right, according to YLE, the country's national broadcasting company. This makes Finland the first country to take this step.

Even better, 1 mbps access is just an intermediary step. Earlier, Finland had set a goal of 2015 for 100 mbps broadband access as a legal right.  The access to 1 mbps broadband will become effective in July of 2010.

Interestingly, some countries have already made Internet access a human right, but Finland is the first to make it a legal one.

Some may pooh-pooh this, as Finland has a population of about 5.3 million. America has cities larger than that. But it begs the question: if a country of 5.3 million can do this, why can't cities in America as well? And why hasn't America embraced the idea of the Internet as a human right?