Find Lost Laptop, Lap Some Top Beer

Croucher Brewing Company in New Zealand is offering a lifetime supply of beer for the return of a stolen laptop --- no questions asked. The laptop contains designs, financial information, and business contact details, according to co-owner Paul Croucher.

"So we decided that if anyone does come into possession of it we'll be happy to offer them a reward — a dozen (bottles) of beer a month for the rest of their life," he said.

Croucher estimated the total value would likely be about $19,500 for a lifetime of beer. Since making the offer, "plenty of people" had called to say they were looking for the computer, he said.

Waitasec, only 12 bottles a month?  Hmmm ... we know plenty to whom that wouldn't be enough for a month.  There may be some wiggle room for negotiation here.

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