Fennec to Hit the HTC Touch Pro in Feb.

Fennec, AKA Firefox Mobile, is targeted for an initial release on the Windows Mobile-powered HTC Touch Pro during the first week in February, according to a post of meeting minutes on the developer wiki.

According to the minutes:

We are targeting a Milestone release for the first week of February, targeting the HTC touch pro. We are two patches away from the meta goal of building from trunk. The tools changes have review from dougt, and are waiting for review from ted, who has promised review by the end of the week. NSPR changes are waiting for review from Nelson, who asked for and received a patch against NSPR trunk.
Fennec has already been available on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, but that's not really a cell phone, is it?

You can bet the gang at XDA-Developers (who specialize in HTC devices), as well as any HTC Touch Pro owners out there, are chomping at the bit to see the release. We might see ports to other HTC devices pretty quickly, in that case. It might even work out of the box on the keyboardless (but very similar to the Pro) HTC Touch Diamond.
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