"Female" HRP-4C Humanoid To Sell For $200,000

Hard to believe, but we think we just found the perfect date for the Robotic Einstein that was unveiled earlier this year at TED. Einstein, meet HRP-4C. (Psst... you can call her Harley.) The "female" humanoid was recently introduced by a team of Japanese scientists at Tsukuba City, and while it'd be easy to take one glance, affirm that she's cute and move on, the sophistication level here is definitely worth another look.

The creature includes 30 motors that enable it to "walk and move its arms as well as eight motors on its face to create expressions like anger and surprise." Hailed as a "cybernetic human," the bot could be used in used in public events to garner attention or to simulate human movement (think exercise instructor), but we're told that it's not yet ready to do housework or other chores. Not that we can blame her or anything.

The best part here is that this lovely dame isn't just a concept or a fun project; oh no, it's for sale. The asking price? Around $200,000. You're reconsidering already, aren't you?

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