F.E.A.R. SP Demo Download, I Love Microsoft, and more!

Hey everyone. As promised, the F.E.A.R. single player demo has arrived. You can download the 645MB demo from Filerush, 3D Gamers, FileShack, and FilePlanet. Pretty much any site with the word "file" in it. I'll post my impressions later on. Until then, please enjoy the news.

OCZ PC2-6400 Gold Series @ Bytesector

"Today, I will be taking a look at their second-best DDR2-800 memory modules, also known as their Gold Series. While these modules sport a nice 800MHz module speed, the latency timings take away from the potential performance for 800MHz modules. Regardless of the timings, these modules showed some fairly good performance."

How To Remove Adware And Spyware @ The TechZone

"Spyware is a software that runs on your computer, and can do many types of things. Spyware can come in the form of a tracking cookie that informs its creator of which websites that you visit, or it can be a software that gets installed that serves popup ads to your computer to try to get you to visit other websites."

I Love Microsoft @ CoolTechZone

"Microsoft is perhaps the most hated company in the history of business. Anointed with names such as the Redmond Giant, Microshaft, Microsloth, so on and so forth, the nicknames and jokes are perhaps exceeded only by the vengeance with which people hate it." [Don't forget Micro$oft - Matt]

Samsung 193P+ LCD Display Review @ XYZ Computing

"Samsung's designers recently reintroduced the 193P as the 193P+ which means a similar base but with an updated LCD panel. This review will be taking a look at the new display and seeing how well Samsung managed to update this hit product."

Samsung Spinpoint SP2004C SATA II 200 Gigabyte NCQ Hard Drive @ Futurelooks

"Who knew that Samsung made hard drives? Raise your hands! Samsung has been quietly pushing their way into the hard drive market with high value, and low noise offerings. We check out their latest SATA offering to see if it is up to task."