Father Of Cellphone Uses A New Phone Every Two Months

As with most "firsts," there are a lot of names floating out around there when it comes to the true Father Of The Cellphone. But Martin Cooper is a name that has stuck around for years, and definitely gets credit for creating the world's first cellular phone while working for Motorola in 1973. Now, he's the CEO of ArrayComm, a wireless software company. According to a new report, he buys a new smartphone every two months in order to keep himself "up-to-date," and no matter how you slice it, that's pretty incredible. Two months goes by in a flash, and it takes most consumers at least that long to get fully familiar with a new phone.

But when you're the man who started it all, maybe you can acclimate more quickly. Most recently, he purchased the LTE-capable HTC Thunderbolt, and before that, he used a Droid X and an iPhone 4. Now, that iPhone 4 is in the hands of his grandson, who we're sure has a ton of awesome hand-me-downs. We're pretty sure he has a cellphone contract with every major carrier in the States -- how else would you try out so many products?

But either way, it's good to hear that the founder of the cellphone still adores what he founded. That's a lot of years to grow tired of cellular telephony, and it's pretty telling when the person that started it is still enamored with it.

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