FastMac U-Socket: Power Outlet With USB 3.0 And iPad Charging Support

USB is everywhere. It's truly the Universal Serial Bus, with focus on the "Universal" part. Every PC we can think of has at least one or two of the ports, and just about every peripheral on the market supports it. It's one of the few constants in the PC universe, but outside of the PC world, there isn't' too much USB to be had. Every now and then, you'll find a USB socket within a vehicle (usually for iPod connectivity), but have you ever seen one in a wall outlet?

FastMac is hoping that you'll soon be answering yes, as the company will soon roll out a U-Socket that has built-in USB ports alongside the typical AC power outlets. The product has been in development since at least last year, but it has recently been redesigned in order to meet the stringent safety requirements needed before it can be sold in America. Energy Star qualifications have also now been passed, and the U-Socket could very well change the landscape of how gadgets are used in the home.

The U-Socket was mainly designed in order to provide charging ports for USB devices as well as typical devices that use AC power. Americans have been buying up portable electronics at a record pace, so there's a growing need for having widely accessible USB charging nearby. What's most unique about the U-Socket is that each port is also USB 3.0, so there's the possibility that you could link up some sort of in-home USB network as well. Each port also supports 10-watt charging, so iPad tablets and other high-draw devices can charge through this as well.

The device should be clear for shipment by the fall of this year, and each outlet will cost just under $20. Not bad at all, particularly for use in your "man cave" or "gadget den."