Faster Wi-Fi in New Hi-Freq Spectrum?

Bluetooth and normal Wi-Fi, such as Draft-N, aren't too good for transferring large files, because of interference and other issues.  Scientists are looking into using very high frequencies to develop nwe technologies for short-range wireless data transfer of large amounts of data.

While Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have emerged as efficient ways to zap small amounts of data between gadgets, neither is well suited for quickly transferring high-definition video, large audio libraries and other massive files.

Laskar and other scientists at the Georgia Electronic Design Center have turned to extremely high radio frequencies to transfer huge data files over short distances.

The high frequencies -- which use the 60 gigahertz band -- have been a mostly untapped resource.
They want to keep the range under 33 feet (like Bluetooth).  Even then the biggest issue we have with transferring anything wirelessly is if there's some interference (watch your draft-N signal go up and down for no apparent reason for example).  When that happens, you get disconnected and the file transfer stops.