Fashion Brand STUSSY Adds Color To Redesigned Ricoh GR DIGITAL III x

Earlier this year, Ricoh introduced its GR Digital III with one of the fastest lenses on the market. Today, that very camera is getting a fashion-inspired overhaul. For those who passed on the first edition due to its plain styling, there's a good chance this version will catch your eye.

The GR DIGITAL III x STUSSY is a collaboration model with US fashion brand manufacturer STUSSY Incorporate, which adds a special paint job and nothing more. What's interesting is that this type of tie-up is becoming increasingly rare. A few years back, it wasn't atypical to see gadgets of all shapes and sizes have some sort of fashion tie, with branding and colors used to create somewhat of a halo effect between the two worlds.

Today, we're noticing that fewer and fewer fashion outlets and looking to the consumer electronics realm for partnerships. It's hard to say why: maybe the gadget companies have decided that they can stand on their own without shelling out royalties to be partnered with some fashion brand, or maybe we're just seeing a shift in consumer demand.

Either way, this new camera is described as a modified version of the GR DIGITAL III camera, which features a color-changed verson of the ring cap, shutter button the area around the middle dial and a few other places to royal blue. You'll also notice that the STUSSY font is everywhere, and the camera will be launched as a part of STUSSY's 30 year anniversary celebration. A price has yet to be mentioned, nor do we know if these will just be a limited edition run. Who knows--maybe the fashion and gadget worlds are about to collide again in a big way, and this is just the (next) beginning.

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