Farewell, Dell Adamo

The Dell Adamo, the Round Rock, TX company's MacBook Air rival, is now dead. The multiple price cuts and lack of options available on the Adamos that were being sold seemed to point to Dell trying to clear inventory.

The Adamo was first unveiled at CES in in 2009. It had an aluminum case like the MacBook Air, was ultra-thin (0.65 inches), although it was slightly heavier than the Air at just under 4 pounds vs. the original MBA's 3 pounds. It also came with the option of built-in 3G, although none of the price-slashed fire sale models did.

The original Adamo price was steep, just as the original MBA prices, and that certainly hurt it. It started at around $2,000, although the recent discounts showed it going for as low as $799.

The Adamo brand is going away, not just the model. However, it won't be the end of ultra-thin Dell models. According to a C|Net source, a new design is due within six months, and will fall under one of Dell's existing consumer brands (such as Inspiron, XPS, or Alienware).