Fallout 76 Bombing Continues With This Cheat For Access To Nuke Codes

"Oh I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to start a flame in your heart." Unfortunately, it's other people that want to set the world on fire, and that's exactly what they are doing in Fallout 76 thanks to a cheat that gives players early access to nuclear launch codes.

Fallout 76 Nuke

The nukes exploding in the hills of Fallout 76 were designed to be an exceptionally long and difficult challenge for experienced players working together as a team. In order to launch a nuke, players need to collect key cards from Enclave airships and then assault a heavily defended fortress to gain access to the nukes control console. But before you do that, you and your team of players would ordinarily need to hunt down former officers that worked in the nuclear silo and have since turned into feral ghouls. These ghouls hold part of the encrypted launch code, which makes getting the code exceedingly challenging to begin with.

Nukacrypt Code Decryptor
NukaCrypt Code Decryptor

This process is made considerably easier thanks to a software utility called NukaCrypt, that was published online, that can decrypt the launch code if you have just three of its digits. Launching the nukes still isn't by any sense of the word easy, but it certainly is easier and less time consuming.

The easy access of nukes has caused a certain amount of trouble for players in the game, however, as the detonation of a nuke in an area causes a swarm of powerful enemies to spawn in the vicinity and attempt to kill everyone in sight. Killing these mutated creatures rewards players with rare and valuable loot, but new players or anyone caught unprepared within the blast radius of the nuke will likely be torn to pieces (go figure).

It's unclear how this utility and issue will affect the long-term gaming experience for Fallout 76. If the nukes don't slow down, it could become difficult for casual gamers to level-up and play the game at a slower speed. As Bethesda clearly intended the nukes to be a rare occurrence , however, it's likely that they will attempt to remedy this situation in the near future.
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