Fallout 4 Northern Springs DLC Adds A Snowy Fan-Made Wasteland To Explore

Fallout 4 is one of the coolest games that Bethesda has ever rolled out, and one of the important things about the game is the DLC that the company has made available to keep players interested. The Nuka-World DLC added a huge new playable area to the game and another nice thing about Fallout 4 was that the game supports mods made by fans.

northern springs

A new fan-made DLC has been announced and it is of the size that we normally only see from Bethesda. The mod is called Northern Springs and claims to be larger than both official DLCs, Far Harbor and Nuka World. Northern Springs was developed by a team called Modular Illusion and adds a large snow-covered area to the North West of the commonwealth in Fallout 4. One of the lead devs of the mod is Jshrapnelc and he claims that the mod has over 50 new locations to explore.

Of that number, there are three buildable settlements, two player homes, and a bunch of new weapons and equipment. Devs spent two years building the mod and it brings with it 25 different quests with one main quest activated by talking to an NPC called Quinton Grant at Thicket Excavations. There are four new jobs for players to partake in including things like bounty hunter or book collector.

The DLC area is for higher-level characters with the devs suggesting you need to be level 40 or higher if you want to survive. Players get to encounter four new companions in the quest, each of them fully voiced. You also have the chance to recruit that Vault-Tec salesman you might recall from the opening of the game. Here he is a 200-year-old ghoul. You can download the mod at Nexus Mods.