Fallout 4 And Skyrim Universes Appear Delightfully Linked In Recent Easter Egg Discovery

There's a subtle yet rather interesting Easter egg in Fallout 4 that suggests the apocalyptic wasteland has something in common with Bethesda's other super popular video game franchise, The Elder Scrolls, the most recent of which is Skyrim. Yes, both are open worlds, but that's not all they share in common, or so it appears.

The link between the two comes down to a mysterious plant in Fallout 4. You may have discovered this if you've allied yourself with the Brotherhood of Steel. For those that haven't, the plant in question resides at the research station on the Prydwen, a modified and heavily armored airship owned by the Brotherhood of Steel.

Experimental Plant in Fallout 4
Source: Kotaku

There are many different flora, fauna, and animals in the research station, but the one that links Fallout 4 to Skyrim is an experimental plant that looks a lot like the Nirnroot in The Elder Scrolls series.

Plants or any other art assets that look similar to ones in other games aren't exactly smoking guns, but if you read through the computer logs of the experimental plant, you'll find several clues suggesting the experimental plant in Fallout 4 and Nirnroot in The Elder Scrolls are one in the same.

Source: Elder Scrolls Wikia

For one, the computer labels them under "NRT," which could be short for Nirnroot. Coincidence? Perhaps, though they share similar traits with one another. According to the logs and what we know from the lore in The Elder Scrolls, both the plant and Nirnroot only grow near water, like at "the mouth of a river," and both glow.

Ultimately the researcher who logged several entries about the experimental plant in Fallout 4 surmised that the glowing wasn't the result of radiation, but his research was cut short. The last entry reads, "EXPERIMENT TERMINATED, Senior Botany Scribe has been reassigned."

Ready for the real mind blowing revelation? Consider the implication of the plant's discovery in Fallout 4. If it is indeed the same as the Nirnroot in The Elder Scrolls, then not only are the two worlds the same one, but it suggests The Elder Scrolls is actually set in the future even though Fallout 4 appears to have more advanced technology. Suddenly all those beast species in The Elder scrolls like the Argonians (lizards) and Khajiit (cats) make sense!