Falcon Northwest offers Killer NIC K1 in Systems

Falcon Northwest and Bigfoot Networks have teamed up to bring a killer gaming experience to customers building one of Falcon's best-of-class, award-winning PC systems. Gamers can now order Bigfoot Networks' Killer NIC™ K1 gaming network card as an upgrade option on Falcon Northwest Gaming PCs, including the Mach V, Talon and FragBox systems. Now Falcon Northwest customers can get the competitive edge in their online gaming experience by using the Killer NIC K1 - the only network card that reduces lag and delivers smoother, more responsive online game play.

As the perfect upgrade to Falcon Northwest's high-quality custom gaming PCs, the Killer NIC™ K1 is the affordable gaming networking card powered by Bigfoot’s Lag and Latency Reduction (LLR) Technology. With a 333 MHz Network Processing Unit (NPU), the Killer NIC™ K1 provides less lag at a great price. Combine its native acceleration and offloading with even more new features: Killer Hardware Bandwidth Control to manage your PC’s non-game traffic and Killer Hardware Firewall to live fast and worry-free in your router’s DMZ, and you can have unprecedented online gaming speed on your PC.

The KIller NIC K1:
  • Improves responsiveness by bypassing the Windows® stack and reducing in-game ping
  • Smoothes game play and increases frame rates by offloading network processing from the CPU to the NPU
  • Features built-in gamer-grade Killer Hardware Firewall & Killer Hardware Bandwidth Control to manage and secure your gaming network with high-performance tools.

Falcon Northwest makes PCs for enthusiasts. It invented the custom Gaming PC concept back in 1992 and has won every major award from just about every PC review outlet. Falcon Northwest offers its customers PC speed, reliability, compatibility and customization.