Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ Feature Is A Time Capsule Into Your Illustrious Past

As Facebook ages, it’s becoming a journal of its users’ lives. Scroll through the Timeline and you’ll see the high and low points of a person’s life: people met, people lost, graduations, jobs, marriages and the other milestones and memories are documented on Facebook. Now, Facebook is rolling out a new feature that gives users a chance to reflect on some of those memories: On This Day. 

Facbooke wants you to check out your old posts with OnThisDay.
Image credit: Facebook

OnThisDay works much like you’d expect: each day, the feature gives you a look at what you were doing on this particular day in years past. It pulls status updates, photos, and other content you’ve shared into a little package that you can view on a browser or your phone’s Facebook app.

Of course, you may well end up finding some posts that you would just as soon not have on your Timeline, so Facebook lets you delete them as you see fit. Depending on what you posted, some OnThisDays are going to be much more interesting than others, but you won’t need to check each day to see which ones are worthwhile – Facebook will include an alert system you can customize.

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By default, the OnThisDay feature is only visible to you, but you can share individual OnThisDays with friends. Facebook says that it will roll out the service “globally,” but hasn’t set a specific date for the feature to appear, nor has it indicated which regions will receive OnThisDay first.