Facebook's 200 Millionth User Signs On

200 million. Just let that sink in. That huge, immense number is how many Facebook members the social networking site has, and it took less than half a decade to make it happen. CEO Mark Zuckerberg proudly proclaimed that his site would meet and exceed the 200 million member mark today, and if you just so happened to finally jump in after years of resisting, you may have very well been the one to push things over the edge.

could be used to change the world. After all, President Mark's celebratory post had a very insightful, almost philanthropic tone to it. Rather than simply boasting of Facebook's dominance and influence in the world, he took the opportunity to showcase just how FacebookObama used Facebook as a major tool while campaigning, and we all know how well that worked out for it. Mark stated that the goal of Facebook was always to give users a richer, faster way to share information and comunicate. This, he asserts, gives users better leverage to understand and change the world around them.

Here's a snippet we found particularly moving: "Creating channels between people who want to work together towards change has always been one of the ways that social movements push the world forward and make it better. Both U.S. President BarackObama and French President Nicholas Sarkozy have used Facebook as a way to organize their supporters. From the protests against the Colombian FARC, a 40-year old terrorist organization, to fighting oppressive, fringe groups in India, people use Facebook as a platform to build connections and organize action. "

Mark and his team are working hard to bring Facebook to even more people around the world, and while he calls 200 million "a good start," it's easy to see that he'll probably never be totally satisfied until every individual on the planet has a profile on Facebook. Speaking of, have you made your profile? If not, you can bring the site one person closer to 300 million by signing up and seeing what the fuss is all about.