Facebook Timeline Rolling Out Worldwide Whether You Like It or Not

If you don’t have it already, surely you’ve seen some of your friends’ Facebook profiles converted to the new Timeline format: a large, (probably low-res) wide picture with a little profile pic inset on the lower left, a bit of personal info below that, and a two-column stream of stuff about them and their personal histories, including their friends, likes, places they’ve visited, photos, and so on.

Like some, perhaps you’ve been dreading the day you have to spend an hour rejiggering your profile to suit the new format, untagging yourself in everything unflattering you can think of from your college days, selecting new privacy settings for everything you’ve posted since you first signed up for Facebook, and trying to think of a good photo to use for that huge picture at the top of your page.

Well, that day is coming, and soon. Facebook announced that over the next few weeks, everyone will be getting Timeline. Once it lands on your account, you’ll have 7 days to preview your profile’s new look before it goes live to the Facebook world. Timeline is a big format change for the social network, and it has its fans and detractors alike, but if you want to keep using Facebook, you’ll be using Timeline before spring arrives.

Timeline is fine, and everyone will get used to it regardless, but we wish Facebook would put aside some of these massive changes and just roll out a “dislike” button and make it possible to comment on a comment. Can we get an amen on that?