Facebook Takes a Shot Across Instapaper’s Bow with “Save For Later” Feature

To be clear, it’s not exactly the same thing as Instapaper, but Facebook has reportedly added a “save for later” feature to its iOS app and desktop versions, and the new capability doesn’t bode well for Instapaper or other services that let you save items across the Web for later reading.

Facebook’s version will add a “Save” option beneath posts--right next to “Like”, “Comment”, and “Share”--and once users click the button, the item will be stashed in a folder, which can be scrolled through on its own. It’s an archived and curated newsfeed, if you will.

Facebook "save for later"
Image credit: iMore

The ability to check out interesting posts later on has many real-world applications, from letting you think through a well-worded retort before commenting to saving a photo to bookmarking an interesting article you’d like to read when you have more time. As Facebook becomes a haven for sharing anything and everything across the Web and also has a massive user base, it undercuts other services that offer the same essential functionality.

The new feature has been confirmed as a real thing by multiple outlets, but it appears as though the rollout hasn’t reached everywhere just yet.