Facebook Strives To Help The Common Good With Fundraising Tools For Nonprofits

As the holiday season approaches and people get into the spirit of giving, Facebook is rolling out a new fundraising tool for nonprofit organizations to more easily raise money for disaster relief, missing children, or whatever their cause might be. The world's largest social playground is also improving its Donate button.

Whether you've noticed or not, fundraising on Facebook isn't new. Mark Zuckerberg and company began testing different ways for nonprofits to raise funds through Facebook back in 2013. Since then it's partnered with organizations to create donation campaigns after major natural disasters, like the earthquake that rocked Nepal earlier this year.

Facebook Fundraisers

With the roll out of what Facebook is calling "Fundraisers," nonprofit organizations have a dedicated place to raise money for a specific campaign.

"Nonprofits can tell their campaign story, rally supporters, collect donations and visibly track progress toward a goal for year-end drives, themed campaigns and special projects such as building a clean water well or funding a clothing drive," Facebook explains.

It just takes a few taps for a Facebook user to donate to a campaign. In addition, all shared posts from the campaign page will include a Donate button so that Facebook users can contribute directly from their News Feed.

Facebook is testing its new Fundraisers initiative and revamped Donate button with 37 partner organizations and is "committed to expanding these tools to as many organizations as possible in the future."