Facebook Shuts Door on 'Dislike' Button, Advertisers Breathe Sigh Of Relief

The question of whether to add a “dislike” button just won’t go away for Facebook, in part because the company hasn’t aggressively shot the idea down. This week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg closed the book on the issue by saying outright that Facebook won’t create a “dislike” button. However, he went on to say that Facebook is considering other ways to help user express emotions other than “like.” Could that mean buttons similar to “dislike” down the road?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dislikes the idea of a "dislike" button.
Image Credit: Facebook

In his “Q&A with Mark,” Zuckerberg noted that people sometimes read posts that are sad or cover sensitive topics and would like to acknowledge them with something other than a “like” button. He says Facebook is mulling ways to help users with that, but didn’t get specific. In any event, Zuckerberg is clearly focused on helping people express positive opinions.

Some advertisers fear a “dislike” button; the popular opinion is that a large numbers of dislikes could affect sales. That’s an understandable worry, considering the number of “likes” that popular posts often rack up. Now imagine the impact of the same number of dislikes appearing on posts related to products or businesses. Users have also expressed concern that a “dislike” button could be used as a tool for bullying among teenagers. 

Maybe reducing all conversations to buttons and emoticons isn’t necessary. As Zuckerberg pointed out, there’s already a good tool for expressing your opinion in Facebook: the comment feature.