Facebook Speaks Out On Messenger App Misinformation And How It Uses Devices, Cameras And Mics

There has been a lot of backlash since users were forced to download the Facebook Messenger app while removing the same feature from the primary app. In addition, a lot of criticism has been thrown at the social media company due to the Messenger app requiring access to a smartphone’s camera and microphone. The requirement has led many to believe that the app will allow Facebook to see and hear what everyone is doing at any time.

Facebook Messenger product manager Peter Martinazzi addressed the issue regarding the camera and microphone requirement explaining, “Like most other apps, we request permission to run certain features, such as making calls and sending photos, videos or voice messages. If you want to send a selfie to a friend, the app needs permission to turn on your phone's camera and capture that photo. We don't turn on your camera or microphone when you aren't using the app.”

Since forcing everyone to install the app, many consumers have shown their dissatisfaction by giving it a 1-star rating on Apple’s app store and Google’s Play Store. But such displays have had no affect on the company’s decision.

Martinazzi went on to explain why Facebook wants everyone to install its Messenger app saying, “We’re committed to providing a fast, reliable and fun messaging app that anyone in the world can use to reach the people who matter to them. That’s why we’re focusing just on Messenger and moving messages out of the Facebook app. People usually respond about 20% faster when they have Messenger, and we think they’ll find both apps useful in different ways.”