Facebook Settles Class Action Lawsuit for $20M, Your Cut is $10

Attention Facebook users, you might be eligible to receive a crisp $10 bill (or, more likely, a check worth $10) as part of a class action settlement. Try not to spend it all in one place. The entire settlement is actually worth $20 million, though your cut and everyone else who participates will receive a Hamilton, or nothing at all.

"If the number of claims made renders it economically infeasible to pay money to persons who make a timely and valid claim, payment will be made to the not-for-profit organizations identified on the Settlement website at www.fraleyfacebooksettlement.com," Facebook's legal department stated in an email sent out to potential claimants. "These organizations are involved in educational outreach that teaches adults and children how to use social media technologies safely, or are involved in research of social media, with a focus on critical thinking around advertising and commercialization, and particularly with protecting the interests of children."

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Given the number of Facebook users, the above disclaimer is the more likely outcome, though it will depend on how many people dismiss the email as spam. It's probably for the better anyway, since the payout to individuals is so small (not even enough to cover a movie ticket in some areas).

The class action lawsuit stemmed from Facebook using people's names, profile pictures, photographs, likenesses, and identities in sponsored ads without their permission. As part of the proposed settlement, Facebook denies any wrongdoing and any liability.