Facebook Scrapbook Makes It Easier For Parents To Flood Your News Feed With Baby Pics

One of the best reasons to use Facebook is to keep up to date with family and friends that live in different time zones. Sure, we've all posted goofy status updates and pictures of our lunch, but at its best, Facebook is a vehicle for virtually taking part in the lives of loves ones, especially when photos are involved. Building on that theme, Facebook is rolling out a customizable scrapbook feature that will make it easier to organize and share photos.

"Our team ran a small survey for parents who share pictures of their children on Facebook and found that 65 percent of them tag their partner in these photos to share them with their partner’s friends. These same parents also told us they want to collect photos of their little ones in a place that will grow with them over the years," Facebook said.

Facebook Scrapbook

Sound familiar? Tagging photos is effective, but on its own, it's not all that elegant -- pictures are still scattered all over the place. This is where the scrapbook feature comes into play, as it will allow you to organize photos of your child using a special tag that you choose to create.

It's an optional tag, and if you decide to use it, the photo will be added to a customizable scrapbook. Once it's created, family and friends can subscribe to the scrapbook, which is a neat way for aunts, uncles, grandparents, and other relatives spread out across the country (or globe) to keep abreast of your son's or daughter's life.

You're always in control of the scrapbook, which you can opt to co-own with a partner. And only you and an optional co-owner can tag your child in photos.

If this sounds like something you'd be into, go to your profile and click About > Family and Relationships. You should see an invitation to create a scrapbook (the feature is rolling out today in the U.S.) -- click Get Started and follow the instructions.