Facebook Reveals App Integration And "Timeline" Profile Layout

See anything different on your Facebook page? No, not from yesterday, silly. Today! Today, Facebook's F8 conference got underway in California, where creator Mark Zuckerberg took the stage to unveil quite a few new things that will definitely serve to push Facebook beyond that "just a social network" stage. The "Profile" as you know it will be transformed into a Timeline, which will reportedly help users "tell their story" in a more logical, seamless way.

This supposedly puts a focus on the most important things that you've posted, not just the newest. This makes sense now that Facebook is many years old, and folks that join today have no easy way to make heads or tails of your journey to today. With timeline, now you have a home for all the stories you've already shared. They don't just vanish as you add new stuff.

According to Facebook: "Timeline is wider than your old profile, and it's a lot more visual.  The first thing you'll notice is the giant photo right at the top. This is your cover, and it's completely up to you which of your photos you put here. As you scroll down past your cover, you'll see your posts, photos and life events as they happened in time. You choose what's featured on your timeline. You can star your favorites to double their size or hide things altogether."

There's also a great deal of music and app integration coming, with Slacker Radio being one of those apps, as well as Clear Channel Radio being on the Facebook integration bandwagon. You can start adding some of these new apps today, but Timeline won't be available for a few weeks. When you get your timeline, you can choose to publish it immediately or take a few days to review what's there and add anything that's missing.

Looking forward to the new Facebook? Already hate the new look? Just remember: last week's look was the same look most people hated six months ago, and now they're begging Facebook to revert. We suspect this one will grow on people as well.