Facebook Ranks Top US Cities If You're Looking For Love, And Memphis Has All The Ladies

If you live in San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York, L.A., Atlanta, Miami, or Boston, you’ve been looking for love in the top six wrong places. Or put another way, you’re least likely to find that special someone in those cities, according to Facebook.

The Wall Street Journal asked Facebook to run some data based on available profile information. In October, Facebook measured the number of people who were single at the beginning of the month and those who professed to being in a relationship at the end of the month from 48 U.S. cities, with sortable results.

The aforementioned cities had the lowest relationship formation rates, while Colorado Springs, CO; El Paso, TX; Louisville, KY; Fort Worth, TX; and San Antonio, TX had the highest.

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Of course, if you’re single and want to play a numbers game, you should head to Detroit, L.A., New York, Miami, and Memphis, where the percentage of singles is highest. Memphis may actually be a sweet spot (pun!) for all you young fellas out there, as it also has the best ratio of single women to single men, followed by Jacksonville, Fort Worth, and Charlotte.

Wherever you live, best of luck to you in finding love.

(Image credit, thumbnail: Mike Baird via Flickr)