Facebook Protects Celebrities with Verified Pages and Profiles

Don’t you just hate it when random people spoof you on Facebook and your fans mistake the fake profile for yours? What, that doesn’t happen to you? No worries: Facebook’s latest announcement still applies to you. Sure, you won’t setting up a new “Verified” page or profile, but as a fan, you can now look for the blue-and-white checkmark to make sure that you’re visiting the official page for your favorite celeb, and not a knock-off.

Facebook Verified Selena Gomez
Image credit: Facebook

The verified icon, which is a white checkmark on a blue circle, appears next to a verified celeb’s name in timelines, as well as search results. Facebook says that it is offering the verified pages and profiles to celebrities and well-known brands, as well as famous users who might not be considered typical celebrities, but who will benefit from having a verified page. Those people include some journalists and people working in certain government positions.

A quick look at popular Facebook pages reveals that this is a work in progress – while Pitbull and Selena Gomez have the checkmark, many celebs don’t yet have the checkmark. Will you be looking for the checkmark when you visit the pages of famous people and brands?